Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I joined a Royalty Free site just over 10 years ago. It had been started by 2 brothers as a commemoration site for their parents who were teachers at a care school. People could use the pictures at no cost for anything bar stand alone use. In other words they could put them on a website, use them for a leaflet; make them into book covers; or simlar. What they could not do was to use them as photo prints, or as posters for sale.
It very rapidly took on as a first class site for folk who wanted to use pictures but could not afford to pay out sums of money for the use of them; Charities, Church publications, Book Covers for first time publishers etc. When I got my first digital camera I decided that as it was costing me nothing – bar electricity – to take pictures I would join them.
Now as my friends know I am an inveterate taker of Steam Train pictures; and until age made me give up Rugby Union action shots. Selections from all my pictures rapidly followed, as well as photos of my home town and the general area.
Last autumn I realised that my downloads were approaching 500,000 and had hoped to have reached the half million mark by Christmas. This didn’t happen but now I find I am only a couple of hundred downloads from reaching my target. I feel I must mention here that although it seems a fabulous number to me, to the leaders of the field on the website it is nothing. They count in the million plus mark.

                                             Here is the top choice 4,088 downloads

Second is this shot of a country lane that has been used many times as a "Can you copy/paint this into a picture?" 

Third is this shot very similar to the first one. 2,477 downloads

Fourth the little "Toadstool" house at Druid Stoke  1982 downloads

and fifth is the shot of a double header steam loco 1,961 downloads.

Altogether I have 14 pix that have reached the thousand and over downloads, with a few more approaching them. 
I post under the pseudonym jusben so if by any chance you are looking for pictures you can use dive in.
I checked Saturday morning and find I have reached my Half-million downloads and 55 more. 

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