Friday, March 18, 2016

Done, Done, Done.

Should I say At Last? After all it took only 5 days to perform the miracle. Miracle at least to myself, 4 days of doing the installation; then on Friday along came the man to lay the floor. Half an hour and it was done. He then offered to move the freezer, a job I had been dreading because of the lop sided weight.  Out came some little pads and freezer and box stand moved like magic along and into position. He then did the same for the fridge and tumble drier. Magic was the word for it; to me.
I contacted Clevedon Domestics and they will connect the washing machine Thursday. Noel had come up and put the pipe connections on Friday afternoon and so I am now complete. 
FWJ Property Maintenance Services you have done me a real favour as also has Alliance Housing.

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