Wednesday, January 13, 2016

So was I cursed?

Thank the Lord I have done. I had taken about 7 hours to scan a series of negatives for a friend. They varied from 35mm singles, 16 on a 127 roll film camera taken on a Foth Derby camera cut to individual, to 6x9 roll film single negatives, plus a few small contact prints. Playing safe as I thought I was saving the work to a Memory stick and removing it every time I had done a little work.
Having had a problem with a hard drive crash that lost me quite a lot of historic JPGs I was taking no chances. I was about half way through and was preparing to have another go. 
Then when putting the stick back into the USB port I dropped it. I will freely admit my balance is not good now. I went to pick it up staggered a little and stepped on it. BUGGER ! !
It was busted. Right across the connector. 

This time I really played it safe. Each time I scanned a batch I saved the newly created JPGs to 2 memory sticks. Once caught out - Twice shy.
My Epson 4870 scanner has helped me out several times over the past years. When I had problems with it I managed to purchase on Ebay 2 more secondhand ones to use for spares. When I set up for my second try at scanning and saving John's negatives I knew I was going to be swapping types because as well as negs there were also some small prints from the Foth Derby. Changing over from negative to photo I did them and went to change back. Result the light tube had gone for scanning film. Was I beat -NO. I just stripped out the top from one of the spares and swapped. A simple thing to do with the 4870. Plod on; and at last done, the curse had not won after all. 
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