Sunday, September 27, 2015

Infra-red is easy.

First thing is to buy yourself a red filter, as deep a red as possible. You will find prices vary from around £6 to up to £30.
You will want an Infra-red one of around 700 to 800 strength.
Vary your exposure when you take by at least 50% up and down from the camera setting using Program and then after finding what time it suggests go to manual and increase and decrease accordingly.

Your pictures will come out a reddish pink colour. Image 1.

I use Paint Shop Pro 8 and have done for years, I normally improve the saturation using the (Enhance Photo) selection (Automatic Saturation Enhancement) Image 2.

Next is to turn it to grey scale. (Image files Greyscale) Image 3

This is a wee bit weak so I use (Enhance Photo) option (One Step Photofix)   Image 4

If you want a little more contrast and punch go back to (One Step Photofix) and select (Clarify) for Image 5   I used clarify 5 rather than 2.

That is all you need to do. Some folk like to add an air of mystery about taking infra-red but it’s quite easy really. 

This was taken from Lower Stroud Road looking down the river. What was an ordinary picture with masses of green is completely transformed here.
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