Sunday, September 06, 2015

Horsecastle farm crossing for a change.

I decided this week I would go to the farm crossing on Wemberham Lane for pix of Britannia.I managed to get out there in time to get a good place. A chap taking video was on the downside of the line. He had set up with a vid that was around 9 foot off the ground and had a little step ladder to get to work it. Blocked that gate and everyone that wanted to go into the field further down the lane had to climb over the gate because his tripod meant the gate couldn't be opened. Why didn't he set up on the line side of the gateway?
Decided I would try for a set of three.

1st was just coming round the corner as they pulled out from Yatton station.

2nd was half way.

3rd was just before it went out of the camera viewpoint.
In spite of taking part-way into the sun a successful mornings shooting I think.
Made up for the previous one at Claverham bridge that was a little damp.
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