Saturday, September 05, 2015

A good puzzle picture
An Everything Clevedon group member posted a picture.
Is this Clevedon? they asked.

I copied it over to Paint Shop Pro 8 and enhanced it. It was a bit faded and so I clarified the corner to bring it up a bit as well.

The original had been published in the Clevedon Mercury back in 1884. The loco had pushed two carriages through the end of the railway station out into the top of Ken Road and part way up into the Triangle.
Checking it carefully the carriages matched but the buildings were hard to position. In 150 years a lot of things change.
Eventually I had to agree, it had been taken from the other side and the camera tripod had been set up in the middle of the road.  The corner of the house on the left side of the picture was the wall of the eventual Number 10 the triangle. The place where Stephens the inventor of the expanding car brake had his work shop.
That place had a story of its own to reveal.

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