Thursday, August 06, 2015

Where had they been?
I came upon a couple of Crown coins whilst clearing some stuff. They were in the bottom of a tumbler with pens and similar things put on top of them. One was a Victorian one the other was a George V Jubilee year (1935) I can remember that year very well. We were taken down to a marquee tent in Salthouse Field; there we were all given a 'Coronation Mug' 

The Victorian Crown 1889

                                    The King George Jubilee crown.
We also had a tea 'picnic' meal, it was all a bit confusing. As far as I can remember there were some members of the local council there and some clergy. (Complete with a few speeches) 
I don't recall if I was still at the national school then or if I had already gone 'up' to the new school in Highdale Avenue. Probably still at St Andrews School though.
One day maybe I will go into the library and check with the Mercury for '35.
I wonder what the crowns would be worth today? 

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