Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Well it paid to take the chance.

When I found Yarrow plants growing on the lawn verge it was getting close to the time the contractors would be coming around cutting the grass once more.

I took a chance and cut a stem putting preliminary pix over to Flickr etc.
I thought that maybe they would grow again and the blossoms would flower by the time the men came around once more.
Then at the start of the week-end I saw some growing out along the grass along the course of the Middle Yeo.

Knowing that the time was coming when the contractors would be appearing again I pulled up a root and got some photographs.

I then snipped off the top and got some macro shots of the flowers, buds etc.
Sure enough Tuesday the contractors had done a cut early or later on the Monday afternoon.
I was just in time.

For once I had won.
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