Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thinking about trains
I turned up another couple of old negatives of my sisters collection of WC&PR locos.
I reckon I must have copied them back in the 70s. 

                                         The Hesperus at Portishead.

Hesperus was the locomotive that won nation wide recognition when it went through the culvert at Wick St. Lawrence. The London papers published shots of it under the title "Wreck of the Hesperus"

                                    Locomotive Clevedon number 3

This picture of Clevedon loco number 3 was taken when she was standing - I think - just outside of Portishead station. I am not too certain of that, it could well be that it was taken at Weston. There may have been markings on the back of the postcard as to where it was taken.  One thing is for certain is that it was not taken in Clevedon.
My sister got herself 'sweet talked' into passing her postcards to a friend of my nephews. Fortunately I had photographed most of her WC & PR stuff. I had not printed them out and forgot about them, until they turned up when scanning my old negatives. Luckily they were not among those that I lost when rain got into the box.

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