Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Par Express.
Working away happily and happened to glance at my watch. Thirteen minutes to 9 and the Par Express would be leaving Bristol at 9 a.m.
Bang went my thoughts of going out to Claverham for pix.

Union of South Africa was running this week that was a must.
I grabbed the camera and off to go.

Got there in time and determined I was not going to be losing my place. I went to the end of the platform and moved to the inside so as not to get in the way of the other photographers.
Only about 5 minutes to wait and in she steamed to pick up passengers.

While she was doing that I moved to the foot-bridge top. A couple of minutes there and she got the green and off to go on the way to Par.
When I got back I took the pix of Joan Panes that I had been working on, over to John.
On the whole a very successful morning. Had a message on Flickr Monday morning to say she failed at Newton Abbot with a hot box. They had waited for 2 hours in Cornwall to see her.  
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