Sunday, August 23, 2015

Only an Idiot
would go out in weather like we are getting at the moment, to take pictures of a steam train.

Here is Britannia battling her way down to Kingswear with the Torbay Express. I am standing where I have been waiting for around 20 minutes in the rain. At least I can console myself with the fact that I will be going back to a warm, dry flat. Unlike the happy? passengers who will be able to leave a warm, dry, locomotive to walk around in a cold, wet, Torquay or that area.

She gets a little closer, another burst of shots quickly. The high speed setting on my Sony SLT A77, will take up to 17 pix per second
One last burst and she goes under the bridge at Claverham on her way to pick up more passengers at Weston-super-Mare. I have 19 shots to select from; taken in 3 bursts.

Meanwhile I can take off my waterproof get back in the car and make my way home. In the last 24 hours we have had well over an inch and a half of rain. 
I would probably have done better to have gone to Yatton station, where at least there is a canopy over the platform. I have pix of Brittania at Yatton, don't want any more and the station would have been crowded making it almost impossible to get a good series.
I travel across Kenn Moor thinking to myself that there must be a little insanity creeping into my life. To go out in weather like this - - - - - - - Just a moment look.
There goes a car with a bike rack and bicycles on it. Surely only a complete 100% idiot would go riding a bike in this weather. 
I am not alone; there are other idiots about after all.
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