Monday, August 03, 2015

Double Steam Sunday 2nd August.

What a day it was too. 1st it was Tangmere with the Par Duchy Express outing.
Running from Bristol to Cornwall.

Tangmere running in to Yatton station to pick up passengers.
Not quite so many train spotters here as the last time I came down. Then I had a nice place set and at the last moment a chap taking videos plonked himself right in front of me. As I already had a couple of shots of Britannia I just took over his head. When he started panning he got a few pix of my chest before he stopped. Justice, he spoilt my shots – I spoiled his.

Folk waiting for the Par pick-up.
There were quite a lot of people waiting there. They loaded on pretty fast and then off they went again.

They had the green light and away they go.
Next loco didn’t stop at Yatton it was a straight run down to Weston-super-Mare. Trojan was hauling the Torbay Express on her run down to Dawlish.

                                              Spotters seemed to be a little perplexed
Trojan appeared to be a little late coming through Yatton station. Whether this was so I don’t know. I kept my position high up on the footbridge. Eventually she just shot through without any trouble.

 I managed a few high speed pix but before I had time to change my zoom she was gone.
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