Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Catch it; or; Lose it.
Well one thing I did right any-way. I saw that the Black Medick had blossomed and the seeds were beginning to show.

So I snipped off a little bit of the stalk. This shot shows part black and part green seed heads.
This one has all black heads and ready to disperse ready for next years plants.
Culpeper has nothing to say about Black Medick.
So called because the seed when fully matured is a black colour.
So minuscule are they that they do not show  when they have changed from the green of the standard head.

These full green heads are from a flower and will gradually change to a black colour.

As will these that take the part of the flower cluster on the little plant. Miniature in size the flower is only around 4 to 5 mm yet has a simple beauty, brilliant yellow in colour and when it has matured and turned into a green shadow of itself is is hardly noticeable. I was lucky in that although I have a scatter of flowers growing on the lawn this little plant was isolated by itself on the cement by the side of the car parking spaces. I swooped and took a sample to add to my clamp and photograph.  
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