Monday, July 06, 2015

Almost overlooked.

Coming back from shopping as I stepped out of the car I looked down as always to make sure of my footing. The stump of the old fence post pushing above the car park surface can catch the unwary.

A scatter of green leaves and little yellow blobs caught my eye. When I had had the original hard drive breakdown I had lost the content - in March 2011 - of my JPG folder of over 10,000 images. I was bemoaning my loss to a friend and said, in general, that because I had re-formatted my hard drive I had lost the lot.
They said "Don't be daft you can rescue them as long as the re-loading of your Windows driver didn't over-write them"
I pointed out that the charge was quite a bit for each file but they told me of this Australian firm run by a John Hunter, that sold a programme called GetData.
This permitted me to recover many of my lost JPG's The only problem was whilst it was easy to rename my Steam train pix from their loco number, my flower pic collection were similarly designated Lostfile 948732579 etc. with a sequence of numbers. It was just too long a job to hunt back through my book pictures to re-name them
Now needless to say, I have 2 auxiliary 500 GB drives mounted on Novatech caddies, on which I keep my files and the only stuff on my C drive is programme files.  However !
One series I had lost was the pictures of Black Medick

It was only now that I fully realised I had never re-photographed it. Tiny and unobtrusive I had walked past it for 4 years and never noticed it until then. 

About 4 or 5 mm in size it is easily overlooked. The name Medick comes not from association with medicine but from the eastern Mediterranean and was named originally by the Greeks linking it to the Medes
Although very similar to the Hop Trefoil; Black Medick, Medicago lupulina, is distinguished from that by the tiny 'spike' on the end of the leaf as shows in pictures 3 & 4.  
Now back in the fold again it makes me wonder how many of my other images are lost or over-looked.  
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