Saturday, April 04, 2015

Found another batch of Negatives.
It seems that every time I say "Thank the Lord that's the last" I turn up another few negatives from my film days.
This time from around the 1989's just after I retired.

It was from a visit to Exmoor in the days of my Volkswagen Golf. 
A trip when we walked down Hoaroak Water to the junction with Farley Water at Watersmeet.
Must have been pre 1994 I think.
Also found some Ilford XP1 negatives shots that I had taken from a visit to the South Molton area. 
I managed to get some pix of the rough track road from High Bray down to the main road to Brayford that we had tackled back in the days when i was on the Milk Round..
I can still remember the look on the face of Len Hurley when we got to the end of the track and on to a relatively safer lane at the end. I was on the trusty B31 with Nigel Langson on the back and Len was on his precious Triumph Boni. I must admit I was a little worried. But I reckon Len was horrified. 
I couldn't walk up to the really bad section at the time of my return because it was a mile or so up the track.
But just imagine a surface like this but with a few deep rain gullies in it and you will get the idea of what it was like.
Even the B31 with the extra weight of Nigel on the back bumped a couple of times.
I think when we got to the bottom 
Len checked his silencers for bumps but they seemed to pass OK.
There was no way we could have called it off because the B31 would not have pulled back up the 3 in 1 to 4 in 1 gradient with a pillion passenger. I had discovered that previously on Porlock Hill when i got stuck behind a foolish car driver who had not changed down to negotiate the hairpin. 
Can I NOW say "Thank God that is the lot?"

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