Friday, February 27, 2015

If Only
I wonder how many times we say - or think - those words. When I cast my mind back to the day when I climbed up the steep spiral of the narrow steps, in Christ Church tower; I still think to myself - If only I had taken a series of pictures that I could have 'sewn' with JASC Aftershot. What a sweep pic that would have made. If only I could climb them again to take a genuine sweep shot with my Sony SLT A7. That needless to say at 91 years old would be more or less impossible. My original JPG's had been lost when I suffered a hard drive failure. However Jane had the pictures safe and sound. I have just done scanning them and it certainly brought back memories.

Elevated views of Clevedon could only be taken from Dial Hill Road or the top of Hangstone Quarry, Until one day when delivering for the butcher's in Hill Road I noticed activity going on at Christ Church. After seeing one of the workmen at the tower top I realised that an opportunity had opened up for a view untrammelled by tree branches. I parked the van and asked the foreman if it would be possible for me to climb up there to take pix.
I was told "Yes but it will be your own risk and only during the dinner-time break." It was a steep climb that had me puffing even though I was only in my late 70's. 

I managed to get pictures from all sides of the tower-top. If only I had taken more than a 24 exposure film, if only I had been able to carry another zoom lens. However the pix I did manage to take show aspects of Clevedon that I doubt have been seen before.

Comments on this blog will be appreciated. Have you had any 'If only's' in your life?

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