Monday, December 15, 2014

Way back in the early 1960's the Clevedon camera club had a couple of trips doing night photography in Bristol.  I had not long before bought myself a Pentax S3 camera with an f1.8 lens. Amazing to me because the lens was so good at wide open shots. When I found a series of negatives while scanning 35 mm monochrome film I discovered that some that had been impossible to print with the enlarger at the time of taking, could be manipulated using the histogram on my 4870 scanner.
I posted a few of them on Morguefile in September of 2013. Last week I found that this one had had over 1,000 downloads in the 15 months it had been on the website.
An average of around 70 downloads a month. I reckon the exposure was about 1/10 to 1/15th of a second at full apperature on Ilford HP3 film. I wish I could hold as well today. That was in the days of my being able to take shots using a 400mm lens hand-held at 1/100th of a second. Thanks to standing and kneeling .22 rifle shooting practice.

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