Thursday, December 25, 2014

Queens' Square "Gloom & Doom" 

Went out early this morning to get my usual Christmas Day pix.  Disappointed to find the Christmas lights turned off. I suppose for economies sake but Queens Square was dim with no shop lighting on except for Boots' and they were behind protective shutters. I did a sweep pic of Old Church Road but the same thing applied there too. Nothing on but the street lighting.

Moved up to Six Ways and got a shot. Then calamity: -- put the camera back in the car and went round to get in and I went Ass over tip getting onto the path. (and this at 6 a.m. in the morning with no people about) Managed to open the car door and levered myself up using the seat and steering wheel as anchor points. Got back home and found nothing drastic except a bruised rib where my right hand had been between it and the hard path. I MUST get into the habit of always using my stick. Even on a short movement of only a few feet.
Maybe if I repeat at times through the day "Remember you are not Immortal" it will drive the message home.

Boxing day addition. "I am not immortal"  "I am not immortal"  "I am not immortal"  and don't I know it today. My ribcage is aching and my knee gives me hell. If that don't teach me a lesson then nothing will.

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