Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Have a

No this is not a human heart it is a sheep’s heart but the working principle is the same. For some years now I have been suffering from a heart flutter because (I understand) one of the valves is getting tired.
Now the pulse rate for the average human being is as below.
Children over age 10 and adults 60-100  while for well-conditioned athletes it is 40-60 heart beats per minute.

My recent visit to the Brunel Centre at Southmead for a scan started me thinking. I was more than surprised at the result, — I was absolutely flabbergasted.
Let us suppose that the average for a 50 year old is 60 beats per minute.
Now I will calculate their lifetime. 50 years of 365 days, and you will notice I am counting on the short side in all my reckoning. Is a total of 18,250 days.
24 hours per day makes it 438,000 hours of 60 minutes = 26,280,000 minutes.
Now we find that at 60 beats per minute we have an answer of1,576,800,000 a total that passes all understand. Just Imagine 1,576 MILLION. What a fantastic creation the human body is. And you will observe that I reckoned from the lowest heart rate for an ordinary person and not the average of 80

I understand, and I may well be wrong: that for every 10 lbs over weight (Don’t ask what the metric equivalent is) we have a mile of extra blood vessels in our body. Is it any wonder that the 30 stone and over folk have a shorter life than average? 
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