Thursday, November 06, 2014

 Just checked on where I post under the pseudonym jusben. I have now gone to over 3,500 downloads of my top image. Yet I still don't like it as a picture, can't understand why it has so many users.
I know that Morguefile allows royalty free use but what on earth do they use this for?
I checked on total dowloads too and found just over 400,000 total for all my images.
This one of the Oliver Cromwell preserved steam loco taken just two years ago, leads the steam train downloads with over 1,500 users,
while this one taken back in 2010 has over 500. I think it is probably the best rugby pic I have taken. By the time I had to finish watching and taking pix I had more rugby shots on Morguefile than any other contributor. This was a hectic game and the mud, by the time the game ended, seemed to be more on the players than on the ground. 

I wonder how long it will take me to reach the half million total download mark?

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