Sunday, July 20, 2014

What a gamble

Last week when 2 steam excursions were running I went to Mud Lane at Claverham. I stood on the North Side of the track by myself. The 9.27 diesel on the up-line passed just before Braunton went through on the down line.
This week I did it again. The up train was later and I could see the light on the front at Yatton station when Nunney Castle was due at any moment. 
Nunney Castle's steam showed on the Nailsea bend as the diesel started from Yatton. What was I going to do?
I chanced it and stayed where i was. If I had gone back to the south side of the track there were already 3 photographers there. I was alone where I was so could get good shots without any interference. I chanced it and stood firm by the farm track gate.

The Castle class went through and ten seconds later the diesel went by. What a relief and what pictures. .

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