Monday, July 14, 2014

How easy it is for us to walk past things and not notice them ! !
As I came in the front gate I saw some daisy like plants with yellow flowers. However when I looked twice I saw they were not what I had thought but something new.

I made a composite picture of details and posted it to Flickr on Flora and also ID Please asking for information. 
I suspect a Hawkweed genus but details are difficult to track down in my wild flower books. In any case Savoy Hawkweed Heracium sabaudum differs a lot in various places.
Stems are bare and no leaves of size in fact no leaves in the top 2/3rds to 3/4's.
Base leaves are hard to find in the grass. I tried to dig one out but had to give up. I can get down to it but can't get back up easily. Oh for the days of youth. Why didn't I have digital cameras then?
Someone had declared it a favourite on Flickr within 5 minutes of posting. I just hope that I get an answer to my question..

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