Monday, July 14, 2014

Found the best loaf for the Russell-Hobbs bread maker to suit me is the small one with the least crusty bake.
Using 50/50 wholemeal to strong white flour it gives a good solid slice. 2 slices with home made spread on lasts me through till dinner-time. Whereas the small Hovis lasted 3 days for 79p, this one lasts 4 days for around 30p. A very appetising slice too, good solid firm loaf, I can spread the bread with a bit of pressure rather than having to go lightly.
Pity the other bread-maker made such an awkward shaped loaf, this one gives a nice shaped slice. Lidl's flour at 79p and 99p is much cheaper than Morrison's too. I have given up using black treacle too messy to clean up afterwards. The loaf still has a very good flavour.

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