Monday, July 28, 2014

Came back from getting my pension and paying the rent to see that the Groundsel “clock” had formed. I snipped it off and took it in to the clamp. Set up the macro lens and ring flash and took a series of pix. Found out that the correct name for the clock is Calyx and Pappus. Nice to be correct in terms even if it doesn’t sound or say as easily as clock. The 10 dioptre on the Tamron 90 mm gives 2x life-size, and the ring flash that close allows an exposure at f32 at 50 ISO. I can’t fathom the reasoning that says “Celsius was earlier than Centigrade or Fahrenheit so that must be used” yet cancels ASA for the new styled ISO. Plutocrats are complete idiots in my opinion. In fact I reckon they don't even have the brains to qualify as idiots they are much lower in intelligence.

The 10 dioptre allows a picture almost as intimate as peeping into a shower when a lady is using it.
With the ring flash the lighting although even, still gives a little relief to details such as the ribbing on the seeds and the hairs of the pappus.

We have gone; we have fled
out into the world we go;
we have left our home,
and we will wander
and roam, until we find
a new haven. Then we will
in turn put forth a new generation.
People will curse us
they will say “Damned Weeds”;
but we know we are not damned
for we are the beauty
of nature and we too are
children of the Mother Goddess
as people themselves are.

Fancy that I was moved to poetry about nature for the first time in quite a few years.


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