Tuesday, July 22, 2014

At last I found the early print of the Alf Lewis file. With the picture on the cover of  "Wanderers in a Strange Land". The story of Alf Lewis' service in the army during the 1914-18 war.
It is the only JPG to have survived and that was because it was on the cover of my original print. The pictures themselves had been saved in a directory for cover JPG files. Never again will I bunch my cover pix together unless they are on one of the auxiliary hard drives. Even then I will still save the JPG in the file of the story.
Martin realised immediately that it was not a Lee-Enfield rifle the soldier was carrying. I explained to him that it was originally a pic of a soldier in the American was of 1860's.
No puttees on his legs and I had constructed the 'tin hat' from a peaked cap back in the days of Micro-design. 
That was a program that educated me well in editing the old black and white PCX's.
I printed out 3 files, one for the library, one for the history group and the last one for Martin.

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