Friday, May 16, 2014

Took my first expedition this year with the 350 Infra-red conversion in the Sony. Decided on a little visit to kingston Seymour. Not any traffic to worry about and nice peaceful morning. Ventured down through Yew Tree Lane but didn't go over the motorway bridge. Will try that later on perhaps.

The conversion makes Infra-red so easy. Take the pic, Edit with PSP8 to greyscale, enhance photo, clarify to 2 or 3 and there it is. If I need to use a colour variation add the least sepia choice in Artistic Effects and then you are rated as a colour pic for editing.

This was Sepia 10 the lowest. Artistic Effects Coloured Edges with Luminance 3: Blur 0: Intensity 12: And any colour you wish can be selected from the wheel or scale.

Gold intensity 7. Darker colours require less density.

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