Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The best laid plans of mice and men !

I had it timed to perfection – I would catch the X6 to Bristol at 10.25 that would get me into the bus station at 11.11 An X39 would then take me to Bath bus station by about 12.15 to 12.30.
The steam train Clan Line was due in Bath at 12.40. – what could be more simple.
I got to Bristol too late to get the X39 instantly. There was also a snafu with the run of the busses. X39 came in late. 2 at the same time. Then to compound it the bus that was second went out first whilst I sat in the first bus and didn’t leave Bristol bus station until 11.50.
As I got through Saltford I realised that I would be too late at Bath station. I got off at the Globe Newton St. Loe and went down into the field opposite. A good place to get shots but of course no seats there. Then to compound my troubles the train ran late and did not pass until 13.20 - almost 40 minutes of standing and waiting. However I got 12 pix some of the best I have taken at that spot. Set the camera at 10 frames per second and took three bursts. 3 - 3 & 6.
Rabby Burns was right though wasn't he?

On the way back up the field to get to the bus stop I took a pic of the hill and clouds to act as a "Desk Top" picture for the PC.
Anyone that wants to copy it is welcome to use it. When you view the blog mouse click the pic and it will go to screen size where it can be copied easily.

 Also took a couple of shots in the bus station at Bristol whilst I was waiting for the missing X39.

. I have been tempted before but never got round to it. An X39 was also missing when I waited to get back to Bristol at the Globe roundabout.

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