Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A surprise intruder.

For several years I have had an onion plant growing each spring in a small side border where I have planted "Green Manure" and also love in the mist. This year to my surprise I have had around 10 or 12 of them show.
Once again when looked at in macro they show, like many small and normally unnoticed "weed" flowers, an amazing beauty and delicate colouring.  I have often thought that if these little flowers, that we consider to be intruders, fit only to be pulled out and thrown onto the compost heap, could be cultivated and grown with flower heads as large as dahlias gardeners would go crazy about them. You would find them exhibited at the Chelsea Flower Show, with gardener's clubs fantasizing about them. Striving to grow alternate colours  and increasing the size of the individual flowers.

Can  you imagine a flower like this little one - seen here in 3 times life size - as a cluster of blooms each one as large as a tea cup? Something perhaps like a larger "Swan River Lily" wouldn't people go wild about them?

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