Thursday, December 05, 2013

Palm Sunday gallery
Struck lucky Tuesday when I went up through Nortons Wood Lane and across the moor.
I decided I would go on to Weston-in-Gordano and take some pix from the churchyard.
The wall at the back gives a lovely view across the valley.
I couldn't get into the porch so went back to the gate and took a view of the road.
Someone came along with the key and allowed me into the church.
They switched on the lights and showed me how to turn them off when i was done. I took a couple of shots and the battery was exhausted. I put the porch door on open and went to the car and got batteries and also my tripod.
Managed to get a pic of the percival monument and also the unusual pulpit built into the church wall. Then the gallery in the porch. I reckon there are not many left in existence and this one is fine, although I notice that "Health and Safety" have made them install a bar to it as well.
In medieval days it was customary to wed folk at the church door with the choir on the gallery and then after they were married to admit them to the body of the church.
This gallery is in excellent condition and sound enough to still be used, which it is every Palm Sunday.

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