Monday, October 07, 2013

Brings back memories

Started again on scanning negatives after posting off the holiday pix. I am getting to quite a lot of sailing pix. I can't scan all of them but many have been posted on Flickr and MorgueFile. Getting a good reception too.
The "Clevedon Chop" caught many dinghy sailors by surprise. Not rollers but short sharp choppy waves that combined with a wind from the right angle capsized some and foundered others. I can vaguely recall that all boats racing had to have inflatable 'sausages' packed in the structure to prevent them from sinking. However if the self-acting bailers were overcome thay couldn't keep the water out of the body of the dinghy.
Can't remember who this was but I did capture a shot of the Chairman of the Newport club who fell out and had to be picked up by his crew.

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