Saturday, September 14, 2013

This is not a joke ! I am the 100,00th visitor.

When are those stupid B#####ds going to realise that I don't fall for such crude scams.
They have been flashing my screen for around a month now with the futile message.
Just as stupid as the ones telling me there is something wrong with my account in banks I do not patronise.
How I long to be able to kick them up the arse. Unfortunately my IT skills are lacking so I can't design a programme to latch on to them.
Anyway I logged on to Steam this morning to make sure of the Torbay Express and found it has a diverted route. Going via Bath, Frome Castle Carey etc. line work is taking place on the other route.
I expect that was why the yellow coloured work carriages went through Yatton last week.
However a little consolation is that Nunney Castle will be on her way down to Bishops Lydeard on Monday just after 10 a.m. .
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