Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Looking back 

Hereford bull in the show ring.

Found some negatives taken at the Bath and West. How many years back? Must have been about 35 years ago at least. I reckon we used to walk 3 miles easy getting around the show ground. When I used to ferry Gray Uaher down I got to know a few of the farmers. Free ticket from the Mercury, lunch in the journalists buffet, pictures of the local farmers if they won or placed with their stock. Wish I could be that energetic today.   I can remember one year there were no close locals in the frame. I suggested to Gray that we looked in to the WVS tent. Lo and behold there were  a couple of local groups with places and commendations.
Also chatted to a committee member from Great Elm and later got asked to do a slide show on our archaeological digs. 

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