Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Four eager customers.

Mrs Stradling's goats

An amusing thing used to  happen at the last bit of my days work when I was on the milk round. It resulted in two men who were working at Cam Gears and one said to the other “I had to take my little girl to the dentist so to compensate when we came back I took her down to Lower Claverham to see the goats. We like to go down that way on the week-end because she is very fond of making a fuss of them. Just as we were walking towards them the goats. came trotting up to the fence and put their feet on the lower wire and pushed their heads through the top bit of the fence. Then you will never guess — “
“A milk float came round the corner and the driver gave them all a bit of biscuit” replied the second man.
“How did you know that?” he was asked “That was our milkman and he was telling my wife about them” he was told.
It had started when I had a broken piece left. I didn’t want to leave it about and so offered it to one of the goats. She took it and enjoyed it and the following day came looking for another bit. The others wanted to know what was happening and so for several years I was making a fuss of all  of them. They are not daft and soon associated the sound of the milk float with their little treat. As soon as they heard me coming along and before I was sight they would come over to the fence to remind me they were there.

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