Friday, May 17, 2013

What a beauty, fantastic condition.

Drove Martin up to Melksham Friday to get spares for his landrover.
Went to a surplus stock place - what an eye opener. First thing I saw as a superb Sunbeam S7 motorcycle. Excellent condition and looking just as if it had come that moment from the stockists showroom.

"Corgi" paratroopers bike.
Not to be compared with the other.
Ex-army "Tilly" car

For cannon you had a choice 

Big like this one
or there was a small one transportable by Landrover 20mm 

Small enough to manhandle into place.

How many lorries there? God alone knows. There was even an Ex-Wehrmacht light tank and a small German armoured car complete with cannon. They were packed in so close I couldn't get pix of them. 

Had several lectures from Martin about my driving standard. I don't mind that - I know he is a far better driver than I could ever be now, or was in the past.
He has already saved me about 8 miles per gallon by telling me in no uncertain terms, how to drive an automatic change car. My last average for local getting around was 41 MPG.
I had been getting about 32 MPG. and blaming the car !
When it all boils down - that means 1/5th saving on petrol price.

How lovely to be able to hang on with my connection. Before the BT Broadband engineer visited I would never have been able to keep a contact that long and post all the pix and text.

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