Sunday, May 19, 2013

Original print condition.

When scanning I came across a couple of slides I had taken of very early pictures of the old fire pump. Horse drawn at that time. It had been dragged out of the fire station and was I expect, waiting for the council horses to arrive to pull it to the fire.
Very poor condition picture and I had almost completely forgotten about taking them. This sone in particular had been in terrible shape, there had been folds across the  original and marks of creases and scratches.
I set to and cloned it with PSP8.

I didn't completely remove the fold marks only in the vital places and did not do anything to faces etc.
I understand from what I was told at the time I took the copy pix that Jack Willcox [the inventor and engineer] acted as messenger boy probably because he had a bicycle, that was a real luxury in those days - Edwardian 1900's.. 


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