Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Went out early this morning for my usual picture taking Christmas day
Sweep with a car looking squashed because it was in 2 sections.
I took some sweep pix and was so set on keeping the camera level I didn't notice that car come along.
Did a little patch and repair from a set I took in attempt to join 5 pix using Aftershot.
Not a success as wide angle changed the link up and it looked a mess.
However I took  a section copied from one of them and pasted it to the sweep.
The patchwork job

Looks reasonable in small size but shows a bit in large.
Sweep gives no choice of ISO whereas I was taking the sets of pix in 6,400 ISO in Program.
I had to lighten the shadows with Elements in most of the sweep shots.
However it does make the best of a bad occurrence.
Taken from between the watch shop and the travel agency, braced against the wall. Thank God no b====y car this time.
Best viewed by right clicking on the pix and then take the option Open link in new window. The path which is actually in a straight line is at 180 degree. I reckon sweeping with the lens set at 11mm gives something like 240 degrees..

Sweep pic of Queens Square

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