Thursday, December 20, 2012

Original slide

Started working a long project this morning.
Jane has a series of colour slides that were taken way back in the 70’s.
I don’t know what camera was used but I expect it was a point & shoot one
I have volunteered to copy them over via my Epson 4870 scanner.
I can get 12 at a time on the glass, takes me about 80 minutes to copy them.
Best part is that the programme with the scanner is Silverfast and it allows adjustment of the image via a histogram. Saves a lot of pix that would otherwise be useless.
The rescued image saved as a 9x6 inch approximate JPG.
Even then on some the highlights can’t be made better.
I suppose I will be able to copy 1 magazine of 36 slides a morning.
Must count how many magazines there are I can then estimate how many days work there will be.
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