Sunday, December 09, 2012

M5 early Sunday Morning.
Went out early on Sunday to see if the sun came up with a bright red sky.
Nothing - so I tried HDR on the motorway bridge from Court Lane.
ISO was set high so plenty of noise. I will think about trying it again with a lower setting I think it could be very effective with HDR set at 5 and maybe 100 or 200 ISO.
The lights of Portishead, Portbury, Avonmouth backlight the Failand Ridge and illuminate the cloud cover.
Had a message left on Flickr by Michael Rasmussen He likes the pic.
However I posted back thanking him for the comment but suggesting a crop.
Trimmed pic to Grecian standard.
I know folks decry old fashioned standards but looking at the cropped version I feel happier about the composition.
The black bit on the left can be done without, However the similar black expanse on the right is compensated? by the  string of house lights that can lead the eye back into the traffic coming down the hill?

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