Sunday, September 02, 2012

There was a change this week when ex Southern Railway Light Pacific class preserved locomotive 34067 Tangmere stood in for Oliver Cromwell with the Royal Duchy special.
Despite the murky weather by the time the train was due there were around 50 train spotters and photographers waiting.
The light “Sotch Mist” kept the smoke down and there were plenty of cameras clicking away as she ran though Nailsea/Backwell station.

Spotters begin to wave as Tangmere enters Nailsea/Backwell station
The footbridge watchers get a smell of Loco smoke

Then folk took advantage of the glass shelters whilst waiting for the Torbay Express. Bittern the Mallard class loco was running again this week and was timed about right for – as far as this photographer was concerned a calamity. The Cardiff diesel train pulled in – discharging and picking up passengers. Round the Farleigh bend came Bittern. I was placed in the middle of the platform in order to get – as I thought – the loco running under the footbridge.
It could hardly have been worse, folk were dashing to the head of the diesel or the the west end of the platform, which was clear. In both places good pictures were taken. Unfortunately 88 year old legs can’t move as speedily as they used to and all I managed to get was a shot of Bittern as she left Nailsea.

Bittern leaves Nailsea/Backwell

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