Thursday, April 23, 2009

Yet man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upwards Job 5/7
And don’t I know it.
No sooner had I got my starter motor replaced than it turned out that my battery was not holding a charge. £43 Starter £68 new battery, then I found the offside door hinges were breaking away from the fibreglass.
No way was I going to try and get a second-hand door. I had done that only 3 or 4 years back.
I managed to patch the top hinge with the door on the car and discovered the bottom one was also in a bad way.
I managed to get the door off with the help of a neighbour and did another job with the resin and hardener. My nephew came down and put the door back on with me helping and then I managed to put back all the extras that I had taken off and it works OK.
Not a pretty looking job but as long as it will hold that is all I worry about.
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